Modern Diversity

Singer-Songwriter Jessica Rotter’s lastest album Plains is a rare gem. The authenticity of her music and the willingness to bare her soul and allow the listeners to really get a glimpse of who she is is breathtakingly refreshing. If you haven’t checked out the album please do so, here are a couple of my faves below!! Press play and vibe with me.

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Chatting with Butterflies: Atypical Sounds

Jessica Rotter is hitting the music scene ever so eloquently while rattling every listener’s ear with her debut album PlainsAtypical Sounds got to attend Rotter’s release party and it was an evening to remember. Rotter took the stage on the rooftop of the W hotel with beautiful views of downtown Los Angeles shining through every window. Dressed in a beautiful old school Hollywood dress she expelled soul shaking vocals from Plains such as “Aflame,” “Stars,” “Flowers In My Head and “Let Me Go.” Rotter combined with an amazing entourage of band members and back up singers made for an exceptional Friday night.

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It is a wonder that Jessica Rotter‘s name isn’t household with how active she has been in the music world. With Daft Punk, Sam Smith, and Carole King on the list of artists she’s worked with, and Pitch Perfect and Frozen on her resume for movies she’s lent her vocal talents to, Rotter has been taking the music world by storm. When you listen to her new track, “Pray For Rain”, you’ll understand why.

Rotter’s immense talent is perhaps first noticed in her delicately layered vocals, but the strength of the song as a whole becomes striking. The strings — almost unexpectedly in the role of punctuating instrumental, but retaining the atmosphere-building quality inherent to the sound — work to craft a world around her voice as the gentle melodic plucking continues throughout. It all amounts to an optimistic-feeling look at being trapped, at falling in love, and of navigating life.

Jessica Rotter has previously experienced success with her Stay/Animal mashup with Emily Colombier (which you can listen to here), a track that gained the #1 spot on HypeMachine. She has since been busy with Plains — her full-length album where you will find “Pray For Rain”. With a world of experience behind her, and this first offering a lusciously addictive soundscape, Plains has fostered huge anticipation.

The album will be out on April 22nd, 2016. To keep up with Jessica Rotter until then, check out her website, Facebook page, and SoundCloud for more tunes and news.