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Featured Artist of the Week: Jessica Rotter

This week, we’re thrilled to featured Wurrly Ambassador, Jessica Rotter. This singer/songwriter is a self-proclaimed ice cream lover and her favorite band is Arcade Fire. Jessica comes from a very musical family - years ago, her grandfather wrote songs for Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin! She has been involved in music and singing in a variety of industries, from movies to TV commercials to her local church as a child. Jessica now writes and releases her own music. In the future, she plans to live in London and direct a play at the National Theater (save us some tickets please). Be sure to follow Jessica on her social pages, check out her site, and of course her Wurrlies (@JessicaRotter). Read more below:

What does music mean to you, how does it fit into your life?

Music is an incredible universal language. We all connect with it in a unique way but everyone speaks it and everyone understands it. I grew up in a very musical family - my mom is a flute player, my dad is a composer, my grandpa played many instruments and wrote music for greats like Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin. When I was four, I sang a solo at church and was swooped into the world of session singing. I’ve had the amazing honor of singing for movies, tv shows, commercials and albums since I was that young! It took some growing pains to transition from a job where I sing for other people to owning and understanding my own voice with the songs that I write. I am so glad to finally be recording and releasing my own music. I love being able to see how it effects the listener/audience. I am so moved by music and it’s been amazing watching my music and my voice move other people.

Dream destination?

I really want to go to Greece & Sweden next. I really want to live in London forever.

Who is your all time favorite band or artist?

That’s not a fair question. I love Arcade Fire and I realized that sometimes my “favorite band” depends on how deeply their albums hit me at the time. Arcade Fire tend to release new albums right as I’m in huge transitional times of my life - so they have become the soundtrack of my heartstrings. I also really love Jim James. He’s electric. I like people who sing from their souls and don’t put anything on.

Favorite dessert?

Ice Cream. Or anything baked with berries (with a side of ice cream.)

One random fact about yourself?

In college, I majored in Directing and I won’t feel like I’ve fully succeeded in life until I’ve directed a play at the National Theatre in London.

If we want learn more about you, where can we find you on social media or a blog/site?

Go to my website, JessicaRotter.com and click on all the links. Everything you need is there. Follow me on Spotify because I have a depressingly low number of followers. FacebookInstagram & Twitter are where I post most. And I have a SoundCloud & Tumblr if that’s your deal. And I have a YouTube but I don’t understand YouTube but everyone says I need to understand it and post to it so I’ll try. No guarantees. Vimeo is prettier.

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